Tea & Chat

       The Tea and Chat takes place each year during the English Week. Each student will discuss during around 15 minutes with English speaking people around a tea and some cakes on Tuesday morning in rooms 118, 120, 121, 122 and 124. This traditional activity is a very good opportunity to talk with an English-speaking person, about whatever you want, but don’t worry, we will give you some topics in case you don’t know what to talk about.

Refer to the planning and enjoy it!


        Since the beginning of this year you have been preparing roleplays about “Alice in Wonderland”. Now it is the moment to show your work to everyone. You will have one afternoon of rehearsals on Monday afternoon and then you will act in front of all the TC2, your schoolmates from TC1 and some teachers on Thursday from 2pm to 5pm in the amphitheatre A. Don’t be panicked, we all already did it, so everyone will have a benevolent eye. Just be well prepared with your team and make sure you know your text to avoid memory lapses. It’s your turn!


       Some of you will have to cook some cakes or biscuits (cookies, brownies, pancakes and muffins) to put on the Tea & Chat buffet. This one will be in the corridor between the rooms so everyone could enjoy it. We expect some volunteers, or we will choose some of you (at least one or two from each team). Of course, we will give you the recipes and the ingredients. The Hearts will make cookies. The Clubs will make pancakes. The Spades will make brownies and the Diamonds will make muffins. So, you will have to cook it on Monday evening for Tuesday morning.

Powerpoint presentation

       You have to prepare an oral presentation with your sub team of 7 students for Wednesday. For this, you will have to invent a fable in the Alice in Wonderland theme of course. You will have 10 minutes, including the preparation, to stage your fable with costumes, roles, etc. The powerpoint is here to create atmospheres, put some sounds, give thought of the characters… it mustn’t be just an image at the back. It has to be automatic, so you will have to be synchronised.

The mark will take into account: the English speaking, the coherence of the story, the relevant use of the powerpoint and its quality and finally, the originality. And don’t forget how a fable always ends!   



       Because now, Gimp is your best friend, you will have to create a poster with your sub team. You will have to promote a service, or a product linked with the animal that corresponds to your team (the Dodos, the Flamingos, the Caterpillars or the Cheshire Cat) and stage it on. Don’t forget to put a banner with your names and the English Week and IUT logos and it must be in size A4, RVB, 100ppi, jpg. At the end of the week we will choose the best poster which will give points to the team who’s the winners belong to. Let’s be original!

We will be in room B122 from 5pm to 6pm on Wednesday for you to give it to us.


       We know you are experts in videos so it’s time to show your talents! With the help of the TC 1 who read the Alice in Wonderland’s book, you will have to play one of its scenes. Your video must last between 3 and 5 minutes, not less, not more. It has to be coherent, interesting, original and to contain enough English talks. All these criteria make part of the mark.

Like the poster, we will choose the best video which will give points to the team who’s the winners belong to. We want to be impressed!

You will have to give us your video on Thursday afternoon at the end of the performance of the TC1, in the amphitheatre A until 6pm.

Film and quiz

       If you don’t know the wonderful film of Alice in Wonderland, we give you this opportunity on Monday afternoon at 2pm in the amphitheatre B. You will have a quiz after the film so it will be the first way to win points for your team !

Alice in Wonderland's game

       Do you know the “Loup Garou”? We adapted it to our theme. It is a card game with a village with different characters and there are killers that you have to find. But don’t worry, we will take time to explain you better. You will be 2 sub teams so 12 people to play the game on Wednesday afternoon in rooms 401 or 402. If you win, if you are fair play or if you always speak English, you will earn points for your team but if you don’t play the game and if you often talk in French, you will have penalties. Let’s play the game! 

Escape game

       12 students, locked up in a room and who do everything to find the key to go out of the room? It will be you on Wednesday afternoon in rooms 120 or 121. We will lock you up in the room and you will have to find 7 riddles in English to find the key and unlock the door. The faster wins. But be careful, if you cheat or you speak too much French, we will add time penalties.

The darts of the Royal Court

       At the end, the two winners of the escape game will face on the darts game in front of the amphitheatre A on Thursday morning at 11am. They will have to burst the maximum of balloons in the minimum of time. Who will be the big winner ?!